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Recent Sports Medicine and Health Science Articles

Recently published articles from Sports Medicine and Health Science.

Exercise is mitochondrial medicine for muscle

December 2019
Ashley N. Oliveira | David A. Hood

Mitochondria are vital organelles that provide energy for muscle function. When these organelles become dysfunctional, they produce less energy as well as excessive levels of reactive oxygen species...

High intensity interval training and molecular adaptive response of skeletal muscle

December 2019
Ferenc Torma | Zoltan Gombos | Matyas Jokai | Masaki Takeda | Tatsuya Mimura | Zsolt Radak

Increased cardiovascular fitness, V˙O2max, is associated with enhanced endurance capacity and a decreased rate of mortality. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best methods to increase...

Reversal of age-associated frailty by controlled physical exercise: The pre-clinical and clinical evidences

December 2019
C. Arc-Chagnaud | F. Millan | A. Salvador-Pascual | A.G. Correas | G. Olaso-Gonzalez | A. De la Rosa | A. Carretero | M.C. Gomez-Cabrera | J. Vi?a

Demographic aging is one of the most serious challenges facing our society. Although we live longer, we do not live better because it is considered that approximately 16–20% of our life is spent in...

Vibration-Damping technology in tennis racquets: Effects on vibration transfer to the arm, muscle fatigue and tennis performance

December 2019
I-Ling Yeh | Naveen Elangovan | Rebecca Feczer | Sanaz Khosravani | Arash Mahnan | Jürgen Konczak

High vibration transfer from a tennis racquet to the player may cause discomfort, and is hypothesized to influence performance and the onset of muscle fatigue. This study examined a racquet with a novel...

Targeting healthspan to optimally combat non-communicable disease in an aging world

December 2019
Joshua C. Drake | Zhen Yan

Human lifespan and life expectancy have increased worldwide, but the number of years that we spend free of chronic or debilitating disorders, known as healthspan, has not shifted along with increased...

Psychometric properties of questionnaires to measure social ecological influences in Vietnamese children

December 2019
Quyen G. To | Danielle Gallegos | Dung V. Do | Hanh TM. Tran | Kien G. To | Lee Wharton | Stewart G. Trost

Physical activity data in primary school-aged children are limited in Vietnam. Although tools to measure social ecological influences on physical activity are validated in English, they are not available...

Effects of silent myocardial ischemia on functional fitness and physical independence in 60–79-year-old adults

December 2019
Longjun Cao | Linke Li | Lei Wang | Shen Li | Yingwu Chen | Shilei Yuan | Liping Huang

We examined the effect of silent myocardial ischemia (SMI) on functional fitness levels and physical independence in 60–79-year-old individuals....

Physical activity, exercise, and chronic diseases: A brief review

December 2019
Elizabeth Anderson | J. Larry Durstine

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide with increasing prevalence in all age groups, genders, and ethnicities. Most chronic disease deaths occur in middle-to low-income countries...

Cellular mechanism of immobilization-induced muscle atrophy: A mini review

December 2019
Li Li Ji | Dongwook Yeo

It is well-established that regular contraction maintains morphological and functional integrity of skeletal muscle, whereas rigorous exercise training can upregulate muscle metabolic and contractile...

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