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Environmental Chemistry and Health 2020

27 April, 2020 - 29 April, 2020

Xi Jiao Hotel, Beijing, China

Bridging Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology

Chemical pollutants released into the environment pose serious threat to ecosystems. Organisms can be exposed to a multitude of those pollutants at any stage of their life cycle. Species specific vulnerability and susceptibility towards pollution can alter food web structure and consequently ecosystem integrity. 

Environmental Chemistry and Health 2020 brings together experts from academia, industry and government to discuss key topics and find environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology solutions for the sustainable management of ecosystems under four broad themes.

  • Environmental/Analytical Chemistry 
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Environmental Remediation Strategies/Circular Economy 
  • Ecological Risk Assessment 
  • Human Exposure and Biomonitoring of Emerging Contaminants

Important Deadlines

Abstract submission deadline                            15 January 2020

Early bird registration deadline                           1 April 2020

Conference date                                                 27 - 29 April 2020

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